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    blinking eye effect in AE


      trying to find a step by step tutorial on for example making eyes blink in still image in AE. I found a couple of tutorials for doing in PS, but I know this can be done in AE using the liquify tools. Have searched many sites. Have played with liquify tool, close the eyes just fine, but seem to set key frames to make them open and close. If you know of a free tutorial of have to do this effect would appreciate it. Using CS4.

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          I don't have a tutorial, but setting keyframes for the displacement mesh with Liquify should do the trick...

          Or, you could animate a mask.


          What exactly have you tried?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I think the easiest way to do this would be to take your still into photoshop and make 2 additional versions using layers. Layer 1: eyes open, Layer 2: half blink, Layer 3: Eye shut.


            Import the PSD as a comp and simply edit the layers. A blink is so quick that it should work just fine and it's just a lot easier in Photoshop when you're manipulating stills.


            The other option, using some kind of distortion is much more complicated. You'll need to separate out the eyeball and the eyelid by masking a duplicating layers, then move the eyelid while the eye stays pretty much the same. You'll probably also need to move the mouth and cheek to make it convincing. It would basically be the same steps you'd use in a Photoshop tutorial. Duplicate layers, hold areas with a mask, and liquify.


            Adding a wink to video is a bit more difficult and may need to involve some tracking, cloning, and other steps. It just depends on the shot.



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              CjballCO Level 1

              I'll try your first suggestion, very un-savvy user not sure I know how to animate a mask, yet Thanks

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                CjballCO Level 1

                Rick, thanks much for the Mona Lisa tutorial, should help a lot