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    Make it so "Step Backward" does NOT change layers

    tshill Level 1

      Just migrated from CS to CS4. The one change that is KILLING my productivity is Adobe's decision to make "Step Backward" also revert to the prior layer. Previously, I could (when drawing with a brush on my tablet) just click "Step Backward" if I messed up a brushstroke, and give it another try. Now, if it's my first stroke in that layer, I often find myself 5 minutes later having spent all this time drawing in the wrong layer, because PS was "helpful" and not only undid my action (brushstroke), but ALSO undid my layer change!


      Here's a simple solution for your programmers: Record layer changes as a separate step in History. That way, when I go into a different layer, draw, and then Step Backward, it undoes my brushstroke but NOT my layer change; a SECOND Step Backward would be necessary for that.


      It seems what you're doing now is recording layer changes in the History in the one direction but not the other. Please make this consistent.