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    black & white / desaturate ?


      hi there! i recently figured out how to make black&white video footage on adobe premiere pro cs3, by selecting image control under the video effects button, but i noticed that the quality of the film footage itself became grainy. now my question is, will the quality of the clip be better if i were to desaturate the film using the three-way colour corrector? any suggestions?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          The human eye is more sensitive to variations in luminance (light) than it is to chrominance (color), and video noise or grain is exactly that: variations in light and color. When you remove the color (ie. desaturate), the grain tends to show itself more because the color was actually helping to "run interference" on the noise and make it somewhat less noticeable (not invisible, just less noticeable). As such, a different method of desaturating the image isn't likely going to net you drastically better results. You'll have to employ some means of image manipulation, such as a slight blur or a noise/grain removal filter, or start with source footage of less noise.