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    Reader Extending and Complete Buttons


      Jasmin or anyone who can answer.


      We are in a situation where for whatever reason many of our users have both Acrobat and Reader on their workstations. If we don't Reader extend our PDF forms and a user opens the form within Workspace in Reader, because say they already had Reader opened, they will get a message about not being able to save data in the form. If we Reader extend the document beforehand in Acrobat, because we don't own the Reader Extension service, and then save it in the repository when that form gets rendered in Workspace the Complete button doesn't get rendered but instead the Submit button on the form itself, the process fields one, does appear. If I open that form in Workbench it tells me the Reader Extensions will be removed and if I say yes and then simply save the form it then renders fine in Workspace Complete button and all.


      Is there a way to Reader Extend a form and still get Workspace to render the form with the Complete button without the Reader Extension service and if so how?