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    How Do I ?




      Sorry if this sounds a little dim but...


      My Copy of contribute is in my computer and my client is 100 miles away.


      How can my client use this to update their website ?


      Hope some one takes pity on me and gives me a helping hand..


      Thanks a million



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          Kathy_OCNC Level 1

          Your client will also need a copy of Contribute.  Then they will be able to connect to their web server and edit web pages.

          Does that help?



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            micksay1 Level 1

            Hi Kathy


            Yes it does help and thank you for your reply, I assumed that this may be the case, but I am confused as to why Contribute ships with my adobe master collection, why would I need a copy of contribute when I have dream weaver?, again not wanting to sound like a duffer (oops to late) what is the benefit to me of contribute. I am eager to get full use out of all my adobe products - Am I missing a trick ?


            Thanks a million



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              Kathy_OCNC Level 1

              Hi Mick,


              I can see why this would be confusing when Adobe ships Contribute and Dreamweaver together.  You don't really need Contribute if you have Dreamweaver.  Except that if your client will be using Contribute, then it will be good if you are familiar enough with it so that you can answer questions for your client.  And if you need to limit your client's editing (fonts, image sizes, folder access, etc.) then you can use Contribute to do that.


              I have both Dreamweaver and Contribute (purchased separately in my case).  I use Dreamweaver for HTML, Javascript, and VBScript editing as well as any template work.  I only use Contribute for quick web page updates or if one of our web editors is having an issue that I need to look at.  Contribute is a good tool for our users because they don't want to think about HTML and we can restrict their ability to changes fonts and other things (since we have multiple editors, it helps to keep our website looking consistent).


              Feel free to ask more questions.