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    File Size For Better Streaming


      Hello friends,


      Couple of days before i have downloaded trial version of captivate 4 from adobe site. Using captivate 4, i try to make some training videos for my Jobs site


      I have some basic clarifications when i work on adobe captivate.


      1. What is the recommended maximum size of training videos ?


      2. In case if i create a training video will be playing around 45 minutes, what will be the approximate size of final output swf file ?


      3. If i create 45 minutes video, will have any problem in streaming? (My site users mostly using 256KBPS speed broadband connection.) When i tested a sample swf file by uploading into my server, video starts playing only after whole file loaded in browser temp. Is this true?


      4. In case is this true, how can i stream my training video like youtube video? (Progressive display)


      expecting great help from forum members and experts.


      Thanks in advance

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          KerryWilson Level 2

          Captivate 4 allows you to save your video as an .avi file which you should be able to load in YouTube. You can then link it straight from YouTube to your site. That could be an option.


          The other questions depend on what you have in the video. Audio and video, animations etc all can create massive files. Usually its recommended to limit your projects to approximately 50 or 60 slides, but probably less if you have a lot of Audio or video.

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            captivatebeginner Level 1

            Hi kerry


            Thanks for heads up in this issue. I have one more clarification. Once generated swf file, is it possible to play the swf file in full screen mode like youtube videos?