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    Webservice credential authentication

    Barry Comer




      I have basic authentication working via an HTTP Header as below:



      var encoder:Base64Encoder = new Base64Encoder();

      encoder.encode(Username.text + ":" + Password.text);

      var encodedCredentials:String = encoder.flush();

      if (currentWS.httpHeaders == null) {

            currentWS.httpHeaders = {};


      currentWS.httpHeaders["Authorization"] = "Basic " + encodedCredentials;



      I need to solve two issues:

      1. enumerate the certificates in the user's certificate store

      2. use digest authentication in place of the basic version above



      I have search the web looking for a digest authentication example

      but have only found the basic example as shown above. Digging

      into the HTTP header spec shows that the Authorization header

      can be used but this is really messy. Is there a built in way to use

      a certificate with the Flex WebService?



      Does anyone have an HTTP header just in cse I need to go down that road?