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    I need to globally update the syle for hyperlinks - can I?

    Smericks Level 1

      Our company hired a consultant to convert several large WinHelp projects to HTMLHelp. He used RoboHelp 7 for HTML. For the most part, things work pretty well, however, we recently discovered that a lot (and I mean hundreds) of the hyperlinks came across without formatting. I'm talking about the Character formatting for Hyperlink (unvisited), Hyperlink (active), etc.


      This wouldn't be a problem if all the links were unformatted, but some of them are randomly formatted correctly with blue and underline. Plus, any new links created do have the proper formatting. I've attached an image that shows the problem.


      I have tried reapplying the Character style - didn't work.

      I can get the formatting on a link to change by right-clicking on the link and selecting Hyperlink Properties, and then just clicking OK on the Hyperlink dialog box without making any changes. But this doesn't work in every case and is unpractical for hundreds of links.


      Does anyone know of a way to reapply styles globally?  Modifying the style using Format > Styles didn't work either. I even tried to fool RoboHelp by importing a "revised" style sheet, but that didn't work.