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    Accordion control CSS styles only support Websafe colours?

    Steve Howard, ACP Level 3

      I'm experimenting with styling controls using CSS by messing about with the style for my Accordion control. Here's my current CSS











      themeColor: #0066ff;




      textRollOverColor: #0066ff;




      dropShadowEnabled: true;




      dropShadowColor: #888888;




      openDuration: 800;




      headerStyleName: "myaccordionHeader";











      fontFamily: Arial;




      fontSize: 12;




      fontWeight: bold;




      fillColors: #ffffff, #cccccc, #ffffff, #ff55ff;




      /* fillAlphas: 0.69, 0.4, 0.75, 0.65; */




      selectedFillColors: #99cc33, #99cc33;




      If I change the selectedFillColors to #f5f5f5, #f5f5f5 or some other non-web-safe colour, the Accordion selected fill colours revert to the Flex default. Same seems to apply to other colours too.


      I have a project coming up that has specific colours; is there a way for me to use 'any' colour in the CSS style? Am I just going crazy? :-)