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    How to store the reference of a VBox?

    manofspirit Level 1

      Hello guys


      I want to store the "reference" of a Vbox so i could be able to access and use its addChild method from different classes and places.

      How could i do that?


      I tried to do something like this, but vain

      I created a Actionscript Class, added a static var myReferences:Object = new Object();

      and then did following

      myReferences["area"] = myVBox;



      but when i access it from some other area and do something like that, nothing happens

      (myReferences["area"] as VBox).addChild(someStuff);



      Please guide in this regard

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          it's good when you set id property of control. After that you can give you control be parent["id_of_my_control"].


          The way you've described alos should works if you add your VBox to any controls as a child.

          For example,

          var vb:VBox = new VBox();

          vb.id = "myVBox";

          ... // other code



          // after that