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    Custom java script needed for format "time" HH:MM to add and give answer in two decimal number format

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      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 on Macintosh 10.5.5.


      I had to re-post this question because I thought I had it figured out and marked the question as Answered but it turns out the script didn't work and I can't re-mark the question as Unanswered.


      So, all that being said...


      I am creating a time sheet and I need help with creating a custom java script, please, please, please...


      The end user wants to be able to enter hours on a job in a "time" format (HH:MM), and then have those hours add up and display in a two decimal "number" format.


      For example:


      Time in: 8:15  (field name is Field5 and is formatted as a "time" format HH:MM)


      Time out: 14:30  (field name is Field6 and is formatted as a "time" format HH:MM)


      Time in: 14:45  (field name is Field8 and is formatted as a "time" format HH:MM)


      Time out: 17:45  (field name is Field9 and is formatted as a "time" format HH:MM)


      Sub-total: 9.25  (field name is Field10 and is formatted as a "number" format, two-decimal)


      Is there a custom script that will do what I need it to do, and if so can someone please tell me what it is?


      GKaiseril has attempted to help me on this but I'm a total amateur (less than amateur) and I couldn't understand what he was telling me, amateur that I am.  I'd attach a copy of the form to this post but it doesn't look like I can. =(


      Thank you SO MUCH for any help anyone can give me. =)


      Have a great day!