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    Backing-up a project on DVD ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      As I do not have terabytes of HDDs, I am wondering if there is an efficient and safe way to backup an entire project on (probably multiple) DVD ?


      I have read that the best would be to save into folders, but of course, I understand that if I need to go back (and re-install) the project, assets will have to be located exactely where they initially were... And my concerns also include the fact I have created Encore projects with the output from Premiere, so there might also be issues I need to figure out here, as I may have to do additional copies of final product.


      The type of projects I wish to backup - although including up to 15 GB of raw date (footage and so on - probably some cleanup to do, but...) are 4 to 6 minutes (only) videoclips - so we're not talking about 2 hours movies.


      Maybe a dumb question, but why Adobe did not come out with some "bundling" format that would automate that very laborious process ?