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    Export Action Steps (Nate?)


      Nate mentioned in his helpful reply to me that he imports/(exports?) with an action. I want to tell you a bit about my workflow and see if you can tell me what my action should be.


      First, I'm creating slides for a video that will also be printed. So here is my workflow:


      1) Created DV NTSC video preset

      2) Changed resolution to 300 (for print reasons) and BTW the "resample Image" is checked as a default. BTW, the document is 10 inches by 6.667.

      3) Created my slides

      4) Flattened image as 300 dpi and took into an 8x5 x 11 matted/framed document for print

      5) Now I'm ready to take it into Premiere. I had written an action that converted it to 72 dpi jpeg at 720 x 480. But, in another Adobe forum post I was told 72 dpi was not necessary (and maybe even bad),nor was jpeg. So, this time I used an action created in Photoshop and executed in Bridge. All it did was flatten the image. Here is my question....how would you write the action? My document is 3000 x 2000 at 300 dpi and is currently a .psd. If I change it to 720 x 480 it says the document is only about 2 inches now. But, if I change the resolution to 72 then it automatically goes to the 720 x 480 that I want. The advice seems contradictory.


      Is an action written in Photoshop and executed in Bridge the right approach? If so, what should my action do?





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          All of my Actions are executed in PS. I often have all sorts of needs, as do you. I may have an Action to get my images into Hi-rez .TIFF's for ink on paper reproduction. These will be converted to CMYK Mode, and will either be based on my standard CMYK, or the instructions from the client's printer. I may also have to do Hi-rez TIFF's for use with the client's desktop printers or with other programs. I have an Action for that. Next, is often a Hi-rez JPEG for sending out to a Web developer, and probably a Low-rez JPEG for the client to do this in house, or to attach to e-mails. There could also be .PDG's in several flavors. Once more, there's an Action for each and they are applied in PS. I create recipient sub-folders for each output, and my original files are never overwritten.


          Now, with video, it is only the pixel x pixel dimensions that matter. Do not worry about inches. Do not worry about dpi, ppi or lpi. They do not matter. It is only pixels x pixels. Here, I re-size to my Project frame-size, or slightly over that, should I have to pan on a zoomed out image. Most of what I do can be sized to exactly what my Project dictates, NTSC 4:3, or 16:9 DV output. If I need some images a bit bigger for the pans, I find the biggest needed, and use that for the rest. I output to a special sub-folder in .PSD. I do not use JPEG compression, unless the client has provided these, against my instructions. Save with GIF and even PNG. I do not want the color space changed, modified or compressed. Again, I do this all in PS. I have never used Bridge to work with my Actions, but then I'm in PS already and use Bridge as my "album/browser."


          Since I edit primarily in PrPro, when I Import my .PSD's, I have two choices: Import_As_Footage, which Flattens my .PSD Layers, or as an Import_As_a_Sequence, which brings in all Layers in a separate Sequence. I do the latter, if I need to animate my Layers. In PrPro, a Sequence could be thought of as a "mini-Project," within the main Project.


          Hope that this makes sense. If I missed a point, or was not clear on a few more, please call me on it. I'll be happy to restate, or give examples.


          Good luck,



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            This is all great info. I also worked in advertising for the last 20 years. But, not in a creative capacity in the last 14. I'm laid off and trying to do some freelance work....but in a very different capacity than the marketing ads/collateral I used to do! Anyway, I just want to clarify one thing. The contradiction (from another forum here) where I was under the impression that 72 dpi was bad for my flattened workflow vs. the fact that I try to bring it down to 720 x 480 and it goes to 72 dpi anyway! Is there some box I should be clicking?


            I can't figure out how to import from w/in Premeire Elements and am wondering if that is a pro feature....but animating layers is way beyond the time I'll be alotted for each job anyway...other than that is there an advantage?


            I figure it is a wash whether you execute the actions in PS or Bridge so I figure that is a matter of what works for you.


            Thanks again for your patience!



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              Sorry Hunt, I was a little distracted by my 3 and 6 year olds! Plus I had Nate on the brain for other reasons.

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                If you're using the PS New Image Preset for your images, you'll get 72 ppi. That is just the way it is, and doesn't really need to be considered, other than how to size your existing images, to match that Preset. Only be concerned with pixel x pixel dimensions. Let your Project Presets guide you.


                As for the Import capabilities of the two Premiere programs, I use PrPro so very much more. As for simple Import into PE, it can handle .PSD's easily. What your potential capabilities will be, I cannot comment. I would guess that it'll only Import as a Flattened still image. This is because PE does not have Sequences, as does PrPro. This would preclude an Import of the full Layered structure of the .PSD files. If this is true, as I suspect that it is, then I'd make sure that my Action had a Flatten function included. Remember - always make sure that you do a Save of your working .PSD with full Layer, Path and Channels intact, prior to doing the final processing before Import into PE. If you ever have to go back, you will appreciate having this file.


                Though I have used PS extensively since 2.5, when it first hit the PC, I have to say that I have never used Bridge (what was called Browser in PS7) for these functions. I'm already in PS, so I just handle everything from there. This use of Bridge is actually new to me. I cannot help you, and hopefully someone else can.


                Good luck,


                Nate, er-r-r Hunt...