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    Can I limit the number of lines of text entered in a TextArea?

    benjipotter400 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am using Flex Builder 2 to create an application that allows users to enter text into various TextAreas and eventually create a PDF with their various text. My only problem is I cannot limit the number of lines of text used in each TextArea. I can limit the characters using maxChar, but this does not take into consideration a user who enters multiple 'return' key presses - this does not effect the character limit but can result in the final PDF layout (spewing text onto a 2nd page).


      Is there a way to keep track and limit the amount of lines of text used in a TextArea (in Flex 2)?

      (Ideally I do not want to disable the users ability to use the 'return' key to create multiple paragraphs)


      Any help would be much appreciated.