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    Searching Through My Index

      I am a NEW user of RH HTML 7. I've looked through the Help and the book I took my class with and can't find this answer.

      I want RH HTML 7 to search my index and come back with answer because the word is NOT in my topics. Can it search both places (topic and index) at the same time? Example: I work in HR. We asked departments to give us their top 10 repetitive questions with "simple" answers. In the answers we also link to our HR Intranet site that gives more explanation if needed. I have a topic called "Leaves". It gives a simple answer on what Leaves are and how you go about requesting one. You can also link to the Leaves booklet for more info. But maybe an employee wants to find out about a particualr leave like "funeral". So they go to the search icon and type "funeral". It will not find it because that word is NOT in my topic. I did put it in my index along with a link to the page in the Leaves booklet on Funeral Leave but it looks like search DOES NOT search the index when looking for at word. Does this make sense? I want Search to search through my Index too then return with the answer.