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    Stumped on grabbing a certain row in a table


      Okay, here's what I'm trying to do:


      I have a table that holds information based on dates. I want to be able to take the dates that are within the last 5 minutes...there could be say 4 rows that have a time within the last 5 minutes.  I need to somehow grab the row that was created first.


      Example of info that would be in the table:

      Name title 3:55pm

      Name title 4:25pm

      Name title 4:45pm

      Name title 4:50pm

      Name title 4:56pm

      Name title 4:57pm

      Name title 4:58pm

      Name title 4:59pm


      Say the time now is 5:00pm


      I want to be able to grab only the row that shows 4:56pm.


      Ive stumped myself here...my brain is fried.  I know how to grab all of the rows that are under 5 miutes ago, but not a specific one like this.


      Thanks for your help.