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    New to Flex - Want experts advice




      I am starting to learn Flex development. I've been a designer all this time and worked on Flash, but now moving onto Flex. Started with Flex in a week and on day 2 at the moment.


      Fairly new to programming languagues - I mean so far the understanding is only to the knowledge level, not towards scripting or implementing programming codes.


      Already have a live project to work on...where someone has suggested to use Blaze DS with Flex, now since I am already learning Flex, .... would it be a good idea at all to start exploring Blaze DS as well ???


      What we are trying to do is show a difference between a report generated out of HTML based pattern compare to Flex Data technology. The idea is to project Flex is much faster. So we have decided to show the same using Blaze and AMF (binary format) which is faster compare to HTTP service.


      Please I would appreciate all the suggestions to help me move to the right direection and learn Flex effectively and quickly.


      Thanks and Regards