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    Problem when i import a vid and click play in preview box; audio good, video lags...


      i've been racking out my brain tyring to figure out what is going wrong here!


      i use to use sony vegas and it worked w/ no problem when i was editing videos and i could play them back in the preview box.  however, when i try to do the same thing on premiere, the videos i import from my digital camera in *.mp4 format are lagging during the playback in preview.


      the strangest thing is that when i drag along the timeline w/ my mouse.  i can see all of the pictures moving in my preview box.


      i once had this problem w/ camtasia.  the video was non-existant while i tried to edit, however, once i placed my hardware accelerator to none, the video worked no problem.  so, i'm guessing i might have a codec problem?  what is my next move?  because i want to edit some vids and i can't do that if my preview box lags when i press play in the preview box.  -  a.j.g