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    Premiere CS4 is Creating Multiple files when rendering


      We have used Adobe Premiere for just over seven years now with great success.  Five days per week we create videos with Adobe Premiere with three computers. We presently upgraded to the new CS4.  The computer that that program is installed on is used to edit 30 and sixty minute television shows.  The files start out as .AVI files then, when finished they are rendered and saved as MPG2 files.


      We are currently experiencing a problem with this new program that we have not ever experienced in the past.  Description of problem:

      We import a 30 or 60 minute .avi file into a project.  We then place it on the timeline.  On these timelines there are only the video layer and the audio layer, no more than that.  We then make the editing changes that are necessary.  We then go to export the file to the Adobe Encoder to be saved as a MPG2.  When we do this, while in the process of encoding the file, Premiere will create four (4) files when it was not told to do so.  When this happens of course with a 60 minute file, it can take a very long time to encode, (because it is creating multiple files).  We have needed to stop the process, and change the name.  This sometimes works, and sometimes it does not.


      We are hoping that someone has come across this before and can help us.  I have looked at different sources to find the answer to this.  I called Adobe direct, and it was suggested that I try this forum.  Any help would this would be very appreciated.  Thank you.