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    Looking for DVD software with frame step forward AND REVERSE

    junoflydog Level 1

      I love the capabilities of Premiere Elements.  One of the best add-on hardware tools is a jog/shuttle.  "Frame stepping" and FF/RW are a breeze once you get it set up.  If you ever use one, you will never want to be without it again.




      Currently one of my main uses of Premiere is making H.S. football game film DVDs for the coaches.  I video tape the entire game then cut it down to each play.  When I have each play trimmed, I simply tell Premiere to make a scene at each cut and the coach can jump forward and back between plays.


      One day I showed my notebook and jog/shuttle to the coach and how Premiere can quickly frame step forwards and backwards and play/pause in real time.  He loved it as he is often looking to focus on 3 to 4 frames worth of player's actions.  A standard DVD player just does not have this kind of easy and quick reaction and interface.  Think about it.  When you press pause on your DVD it can take 1/2 second or more to respond.  My DVR sometimes takes 4-5 seconds (and a lot of yelling at it) to respond!


      From what I understand, my camera and Adobe Premiere Elements uses DV-AVI files which stores full frames.  When playing back DV-AVI full speed, FFW, RWD or stepping, all any program has to do is pull the frame and display it.  The DVD MPEG-2 compression store one full frame (intraframe) then compresses up to the next 16 frames (predicted and bi-directional frames) to the full frame.  Playing and stepping forwards is easy as it calculates or uncompresses the next frame.  When stepping backwards, the program might have to read 16 frames back then calculate the next 15 frames just to show the previous frame.  Whew !!


      I never have access to the opponents team's original footage.  I realize I could convert the DVDs to AVI files prior to watching it for quick playback, but again we are talking about football coaches! {;>)  I also don't want to load a NLE on their PC.  I would like to set up their computer to make watching DVDs as close to Plug-and-Play as possible.


      I have found one program (AVS DVD Player) that will forward step as fast as you can spin the jog wheel and does an adequate job stepping backwards, 4-5 frames a second on a P4 2.7Ghz PC.  One of the only things I don't like about it is it's variable speed control steps through the speeds (1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x) instead of a direct keyboard access.  This make it impossible to program the shuttle wheel.  The other problem is that this software company does not offer this program anymore.  Their replacement program (AVS Media Player) does not include DVD playback anymore, but does include MPEG-2.

      Any suggestions for software would be appriciated.  Also if you know of any hardware stand alone DVD players with a true jog/shuttle, let me know.  Even though I love my satelite DVR, after editing for a while I truly miss the jog/shuttle and CTI on the DVR.