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    Adobe reader crashes when opening online pdf (ver 7 to 9.*)




      Our problem is that adobe reader crashes when I try to open a online pdf (like http://someurl.com/mypdf.pdf )

      It opens perfectly but after  a few seconds the page crashes.


      This happens in Internet explorer 6,  7 & the new 8.0 but also in Firefox and only when I use pdf files.


      opening a .pdf from the local drivers gives no problems at all.


      I tried downgrading Internet explorer & pdf reader to an older version but it keeps crashing.


      This is the error:


      Its in dutch so i'll translate: The Exception unknown exception in software (0xc06d007f) has occurred in application on location 0x7c7e2afb


      I checked the RAM, no error, even changed it to be sure.. but it keeps doing it..



      any idea's?


      Tnx Alot..