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    Problems with CS4


      I am developing flash games as a career.  I tried using CS4 for the past few months and I am going crazy with all the problems I encounter once I push flash to the limit.


      The List of Problems


      1) Filters cannot be applied to movieclips bigger than a certain dimension.  Flash will have an error message in the output box. (this occurred with a shape w:3000 X h:2000)


      2) The stage/working area and the test movie sometimes will fail to display any filters appiled to movieclip objects.


      3) The removal of the "directional dial" in some of the filters make it extremely slow to visually edit the filer e.g. Created a sun on the stage and I want an object to cast a shadow.  Apply the drop shadow filter but hard to determine the angle which the drop shadow is cast by just changing numbers


      4) Changing values of the filters like "angle", "blur" ...e.t.c using the slider cause a severe lag - resources monitor shows a sudden jump in cpu usage



      5) 3D transformation to a shape less than 10 pixels on the width or height distort the shape (blurs the image like as if a blur filtered is applied.


      6) When applying a 3D plane to a racing game(back view), "forward" movement makes the camera goes into the plane instead of along the plane


      7) It is impossible to create a animation of a moving 3D box without actionscript.  The 4 faces facing the top, bottom, right and left will move correctly,  But the face facing you will never move correctly.


      8) All 3D objects will adhere to one point.  Impossible to create 3d objects with multiple vanishing points.  Extreme difficult to syncronize multiple 3d objects movement.



      9) With multple instances of the same symbol on stage, editing filters or colour in the symbol will not reflect changes in other instances on the stage unless the editing involves a change in position.  After editing the symbol, move the shape using the mouse and undoing after that will enable the changes to be reflected on stage,  That is a waste of effort.


      Bitmap fill

      10) When the colour effect of a movieclip with a bitmap filled shape inside is changed, the change will undo it self when you zoon in to 800%.  After zooming out again, the change in colour effect is still not visible until flash is closed and reopened.  The change in colour effects now is visible.


      11) Bitmap fill to lines constantly gives the "red colour" whereby the bitmap fill has failed during compiling.  However, the stage do not reflect this and the lines still contain the bitmap fill.



      12) What looks good on stage looks bad when published. A shape that looks good on stage looks different when published.  This is especially true for shapes with very small dimensions.



      13) The new tween increases filesize of of the .swf more compared to classic tween.  That is bad when size is an issue for downloading and claching webpages.


      14) The new structure of flash applies a tween to the object instead of timeline.  When tweening multiple objects, the filesize increases drastically when they are more objects (e.g. 16Kb to 170Kb)  This will not happen in previous vesions of Flash.


      15) Memory leak.  Everything you close and open flash, memory leak occurs.



      16) unstable.  Flash CS4 has crashed around 60 times since I began using it.  Most crash occurs when I am touching the filters.  Some crashes occur when I "save and compact".  Others are random.


      17) The paint bucket icon.  Why reverse it for CS3 and CS4 while other tools remain a right hander tool?



      Most of the problems I encountered seem to be derived from one main problem:  Bad memory resources management of Flash CS4.


      Anyone else have encountered problems not found in my list?