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    11.5 Autoupdate is now available via update manager

    Allen_Partridge-1MiBZx Adobe Employee


      The 596 update for Director 11.5 is now online. You may download and install the update using the Adobe automatic update installer found in the Director Help Menu. Once you launch the update manager, you’ll need to close Director before installing the update. The following issues are resolved in the update.


      1.      Memory leak fixes in Text.

      2.      Dynamiks Xtra crash on Mac.

      3.      24-bit sound support (Breaking dependency on Sound Import Export Xtra).

      4.      2329872: [Legacy::Bitmap][Save\Compact] Director hangs on saving a movie with a 0X1 dimensions bitmap.

      5.      Enabled projector publishing in Publish settings dialog with trial version.

      6.      Bug # 2320610: _movie.systemDate().seconds incorrect

      7.      Modified InetUrl xtra to handle >500 bytes of HTTP response header.

      8.      Line height issues

      9.  Cue-point issue on Mac

      10.  Audio running faster for legacy movies.


      -- Allen



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