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    upgrade from 1.5 gets crash report


      i just upgraded from pp1.5 to  cs4.  i have windows xp running on a dell xps dual processor with plenty of speed and memory.

      the upgrade installed ok. when i launch the program it loads all the elements as told on the little purple box.

      then i get the menu bar then it crashes and says crash report sent to adobe.  i ran an installation tool from adobe and followed the instructions which was essentially deleting some sound files from previous version.

      the old software was not deleted when the upgrade installed, something i've always seen in the 25 years i've purchased software.

      any ideas on conflict here.

      i spoke to tech support last evening and a very confused women was not very helpful, did not seem to know what she was telling me and wasted 60 mins of my life.

      of course i have installed and reinstalled in safe modes etc..

      any helpful comments would be appreciated.