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    Hyphenation off in Tables

    littlemookie Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a script that will turn off hyphenation throughout a document:


      for (var i=app.activeDocument.stories.length-1; i>=0; i--)
      for (var j=app.activeDocument.stories[i].paragraphs.length-1; j>=0; j--)
        app.activeDocument.stories[i].paragraphs[j].hyphenation = false;


      However, it doesn't catch the text within tables, is there a way of altering the script or creating a seperate script to accomodate tables?





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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
          for (var i=myDoc.stories.length-1; i>=0; i--) {
              var myStory = myDoc.stories[i];
              for (var j=myStory.paragraphs.length-1; j>=0; j--) {
                  myStory.paragraphs[j].hyphenation = false;
              if (myStory.tables.length > 0) {
                  for (k=0; k<myStory.tables.length; k++) {
                      var myTable = myStory.tables[k];
                      for (c=0; c<myTable.cells.length; c++) {
                          var myCell = myTable.cells[c];
                          for (p=myCell.paragraphs.length-1; p >= 0; p--) {
                              myCell.paragraphs[p].hyphenation = false;



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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            This works as well:


            app.activeDocument.stories.everyItem().tables.everyItem().cells.everyItem().paragraphs.eve ryItem().hyphenation = false;

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              Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

              Yes, and its much shorter as well.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                ... except for that space in "para graphs" -- that shouldn't have been there!!


                (I blaim the forum for that.)

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                  I have tried this code but it does not seem to change my hyphenation. I am using InDesign CS6. Is there something different I need to use for CS 6?





                  myTables = app.activeDocument.stories.everyItem().tables.everyItem();


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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                    your code should work.

                    Select some text and see if hyphenation is checked with your Paragraph panel.
                    It should be off.


                    In case it does not try this one:


                    texts.everyItem().hyphenation = false;
                    texts.everyItem().hyphenation = false;


                    FWIW: Turning off hyphenation could create permanent overflow of text frames and text cells.



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                      bsf2017 Level 1

                      Great. The script now turns off hyphenation. The reason I thought it didn't was the the style has not been modified, so when you open the style window, hyphenation is still checked.

                      Can I redefine all styles to include the turned off hyphenation?

                      The StyleOverriden property does not work.

                      Is there a list anywhere, which properties and methods are available for paragraphStyles? I have checked the InDesign Scripting guide but there is no list of methods or properties for ParagraphStyles.






                      function styleRedefine(){


                          for(var myCounter = myDoc.paragraphStyles.length - 1; myCounter > 0; myCounter--){

                              if (myDoc.paragraphStyles[myCounter].styleOverriden == true) {

                                  var myParProperties = myDoc.paragraphStyles[myCounter].properties;


                                  var myNewParStyle = myDoc.paragraphStyles.add();

                                  myNewParStyle.properties = myParProperties;



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                        bsf2017 Level 1

                        actually, by trial and error I figured it out:


                        myNewParStyle.hyphenation = false;


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                          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          For DOM documentation see:



                          Indesign JavaScript Help


                          Gregor Fellenz:

                          InDesign ExtendScript API (12.0)
                          Index of /extendscriptAPI


                          Gregor also provided this if you want to create your own:
                          GitHub - grefel/extendscriptApiDocTransformations: Transformations for Adobe ExtendScript API Documentation


                          Why creating your own?
                          Because some versions of InDesign are not covered by Jongware or Gregor. InDesign CC version 9 for example.
                          Because there are differences between dot versions. 11.0 ≠ 11.4 , 12.0 ≠ 12.1 etc.pp.

                          Because you installed some scriptable 3rd party plug-ins or additional Adobe plug-ins like the old DPS functionality.



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                            bsf2017 Level 1

                            Apparently when I redefine the styles, the whole document looses it's applied styles.

                            Can I store the appliedParagraphStyles in a variable

                            then redefine the styles

                            then reapply the styles from the stored variable?


                            something like:



                            for (var i = 1; myDoc.stories.everyItem.paragraphs.everyItem().count; i++){


                                    style(i) = myDoc.stories.everyItem.paragraph(i).appliedParagraphstyle;




                            for (var i = 1; myDoc.stories.everyItem.paragraphs.everyItem().count; i++){


                                    myDoc.stories.everyItem.paragraph(i).appliedParagraphstyle = style(i);