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    protect swf

      If i go onto a flash website, have I somewhere downloaded the swf onto my harddrive. Even if I haven't it is possible for me to find the swf file, by using source and downloading it that way. Anyway.... there is software that can convert swf files into fla. Therefore what i want to know is it possible to protect a swf from being converted back into an fla?
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          Level 7
          Not fully, no.

          Most so-called protection mechanisms can be defeated (usually without a LOT
          of effort)

          Further, most are dangerous, in that they either result in strictly illegal
          SWF files (that just happen to still work in current players, but may fail
          in the future), or that can stop your SWF from working (as they change the
          names of things, which can stuff up your script). If you get one, use it
          with great caution and thoroughly test after you protect your SWF to ensure
          everything still works exactly as it should .. and then hope and pray that
          future Flash Player's will be able to play the protected SWF (so don't lose
          your source FLA and unprotected SWF, just in case).

          If you SWF is available, you'll just have to accept that it can be
          decompiled and disassembled and the guts taken out of it .. that's the
          nature of the SWF format being open and (pretty much) well documented.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            yes, every swf you view on your computer is on your harddrive. and yes, you can protect your swf but you can't make it impossible to decompile.
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              jonnybennett Level 1
              Thanks for your replies, so how do you guys protect yourself against someone coming along and simply stealing your work?
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                i developed my own encryption scheme but i've never applied it to anything i've done for pay because i don't own the actionscript. the client owns it.

                if the client wants to protect it, that's his/her choice.
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                  jonnybennett Level 1
                  Thanks Kglad, i've actually found a product that claims to encrypt against most decompilers... if anyone is interested check out this url...

                  or if anyone can recomend this product or any other then let us know. Thanks Jonnie.