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    Open a relative location file with a link


      Hi community.


      I am creating a VB.net application and I am using the JSO object to create links in a PDF.


      Basically, the links relate to a folder relative to the current PDF's location.  E.g.  A word called "scan04" will link to a file at the path "./trvw/scan04/trvw.xml".


      I have had two situations occurring depending on which method I use.


      When using JavaScript with link.setAction  = "this.getURL('./trvw/scan04/trvw.xml'), the link works, but opens the file within Adobe reader instead of the native Operating System default application (or IE).  I suspect the only reason it opens is because a PDF is of a similar structure to XML.


      I have also used one of the forum threads (http://forums.adobe.com/message/1359931) to create a script file as a trusted function, which works fine, but unfortunately I doubt very much that many clients would like us installing scripts within their without IT approval (some clients require a process which would take months to allow software to be installed).


      I was hoping to possibly use this.getURL('file:///' + PDFCURRENTLOCATION + /trvw/scan04/trvw.xml) but I am unsure as to how to get the PDFCURRENTLOCATION through java script.  Is this possible?


      Some PDFs we use have >1000 links, and adding them manually is a time consuming process, is their a solution through IAC and JSO, or is a plugin the only way to do this?


      I would be very grateful for any help.