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    AVI in Premiere Pro 4.0.1


      Can anyone explain why, when I import my avi files into an Encore 4.0.1 timeline, they playback perfectly.


      However, when I import them into a Premiere Pro 4.0.1 sequence, they do not playback correctly at all (no display in monitor, audio is heard but is incorrect).



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The answer is OE (Operator error). You do something wrong. What remains a mystery till you give more details.


          If you need help quickly...Guideline for posting an effective question

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            mvilleuk Level 1

            OK. I have created a new project, using the DV - NTSC widescreen 48 KHz preset.


            I then choose import from the file menu and select an avi file.


            Then I right click the avi file in the project panel and choose Open in source monitor.


            Then I select the source monitor panel and press the space bar, I can hear the audio but monitor is blank.


            Repeat this process in Premiere Pro CS3 and all is ok.


            Import the avi in Encore CS4 as timeline, and all is ok.


            Any advice?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              From what VIDEO camera did you capture?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Thank you for the info on your Project. That helps.


                What we need to know now is a lot more info on your .AVI file. The extension .AVI can contain all sorts of things in different formats and using different CODEC's. The term is but a wrapper, and tells us nothing about the file in question. Use G-Spot to find out what is inside your .AVI wrapper. That will tell us why it does not behave. You could have a dozen .AVI files, and all can be different. Some may play/edit perfectly, and some not at all. This will be the key to your problem.


                After we know this info, we may ask for details on your computer system, or maybe not.


                Good luck,



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                  mvilleuk Level 1

                  Here's the GSpot screenshot of my avi as a jpg attachment.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Right now, your G-Spot screen-cap is still in queue. Howver, the forum is running very slo-o-o-owly today, so we'll just be patient. If it does not come out of queue, instead of using the Attach dialog at the bottom of the editing screen, instead put in 2 Enters (Line Breaks) and then click on the little camera righ in the middle of the toolbar (below the slate/clapper), and navigate to that file. It will then upload to the page.


                    Still, let's be patient, and I'll keep checking back,



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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      The fact that you did not answer my question about which video camera was used leads me to think the AVI you use is not suitable for editing. Your only sensible solution is to convert the AVI to MS DV AVI type2 and the sound to 48 KHz 16 bit WAV.

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                        mvilleuk Level 1

                        Harm, I agree with you. But I do not know which camera was involved.


                        What I want to know however, is why avi files play back in Encore CS4 and Premiere Pro CS3 and not Premiere Pro CS4, all of which can edit the file.

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                          The openDML codec, I suspect is the problem.  In PremeirPro, my timeline (audio & video) are out of sync and missing frames.  I am on Windows Vista.

                          In QuickTime the video plays correctly - in all other Windows players - the video is out of sync.


                          Can't find the codec for Window.   Beyond frustrating.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Thanks for redoing the G-Spot screen. Don't know why attachments take forever to get out of queue.


                            Now, the problem with your AVI files is that they are using the Xvid CODEC. This is an open source version of DivX CODEC. Both of these are very heavily compressed CODEC's designed to create streaming media files of a small size for delivery only. They do their jobs well for this one purpose - delivery only.


                            However, one might be asked to edit this material. First, quality has taken a big hit. It can never be recovered. The only way to edit these is to convert the files to something that an editing application can use and work with. I happen to use DigitalMedia Converter (DMC) to do this, when I get handed almost any footage that is not DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. Write that down, as it will be your target setting for any conversion program that you use. I like DMC, because it works with almost any format/CODEC that I throw at it (you will need to HAVE the CODEC properly installed for it to work with it - you can use G-Spot to get the official name of the necessary CODEC and then Google to find it), and has batch processing. I can load it up with files, check the settings fire it up and go get my coffee. Depending on the speed of one's machine, the Duration of the files and the CODEC that is used, in no time, you'll have those DV-AVI Type II files. Import them into PrPro and edit away. The one downside of DMC is that it is not freeware. It costs ~US$50, but I love it so much that I own a copy for each of my computers. There are freeware converters available. I do not use any, so I cannot comment on any. There are many recs. on this forum and one many more. With some freeware, you get what you pay for. Still, there are some good programs out there, but you have to try them to see. Many seem to do a good job, and then the audio is gone, or the video stutters horribly. If that happens after a few tries, move on to another freeware conversion program. Don't fight it. Just try another.


                            The first trick of editing is to always convert any non-standard footage to DV-AVI Type II, before you Import it. Obviously, HD material will differ and there are more choices and more concerns. Take those on a case-by-case basis. I'm only talking SD footage here.


                            Now, remember that I mentioned "highly compressed" earlier on. This means that the quality has been squeezed out already. You can never put it back. You just have to understand that the result will never be as good, as if you have been given the original source files. Only you can determine if the quality hit is acceptable.


                            Good luck, and do not hesitate to ask more questions. I hope that the quality of your Xvid material will still work for you. I find the results just bad of marginal, but that's me.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Where Harm was going with this question was to find out what you had in your .AVI. In your case, you have no knowledge of what camera was used, and it is actually moot now. You G-Spot screen told us everything that we needed to know - the dreaded Xvid CODEC. You have answered Harm's question, or the intent of his question. Chances are you'd never find out the camera, but that would not help, unless you could go back to the original footage from that camera.


                              We've had two good lessons already - the use of G-Spot, and the use of file format/CODEC conversion programs. Here's a bit of a background on why all of the questions. Though some don't quite make full sense in light of our discovery, their intent was 100% spot-on. The info that would have been yielded, had you been working closer to the source would have been perfect - in this case, we're too far away from that source footage for it to matter.





                              AVI is but a "wrapper." It can be the same for .MOV, .WMV, and even .MPEG. Anything can be contained in those wrappers, though it is usually an AV file of some type. Think of "AVI" like the foil packaging on a stick of gum. Someone takes several packs of chewing gum, of different flavors and removes the outer paper. All we have are these little foil packets at our feet. Does this once contain Spearmint, or is it Double-mint? Could it be Juicy-Fruit? You obviously get the picture. We can "snif" the wrapper (which is what you did by trying to edit the files), but that might not work, or give us any clues. Well, it DID rule out DV-AVI Type II, as being inside that wrapper. Remember, it could have been, but wasn't. That's where G-Spot came in. It "peeked" inside the foil wrapper, and will do it for all of the .AVI files. Well, we found out that the "gum" inside was Beechnut Liquorice - not my favorite. Still, it's gum and we needed gum. The conversion program will convert our Beechnut Liquorice into Spearmint, PrPro's favorite and that is all that counts.


                              I hope that my analogy is not too sophomoric, but I think that it covers the situation pretty well. Because so very many people are confused about what the .AVI, .MOV, etc. really means, I developed it using a subject that most people can relate to - gum.


                              Now, it's time to get to editing that material.


                              Good luck,



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                                MarkAbrams Level 1


                                Thank you very much.  Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.  I do have 2 more questions.  I will be going back to my capture crew and requesting another format.

                                Most of the edit work I am doing will be rendered as FLV in a 448 x 336px @ 15FPS - 250VBR - 2 pass encoding.


                                What format would your request for input into PPro from an Apple House on the video capture?


                                Do you have a better suggestion for the output format to achieve quality at the smallest size for progressive streaming?


                                Thank you again.


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                                  mvilleuk Level 1

                                  Terrific support guys. Many thanks. One more question.


                                  So would it be better to:


                                  1. Convert my fairly poor quality avi to dv-avi type 2 and import into Premiere Pro CS4 for editing?




                                  2. Import my fairly poor quality avi into Premiere Pro CS3 for editing?

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    I have had great luck with plain-vanilla .MOV (really cannot recall exact Apple CODEC's right now) into PrPro. Few, if any, issues. One thing that you might want to keep handy is a copy of QuickTime Pro. It handles about any Apple CODEC with the exception of one of the Apple-only intermediate CODEC's. Again, do not remember which one, but it's gotten a bunch of mention on the forum, 'cause FCP folk like to use it, and it just does not work on the PC (diabolical plot by FCP-users?). QT-Pro will do Export to DV-AVI Type II format pretty well. So will DigitalMedia Converter, but it costs a bit more than QT-Pro. Personally, if I start with Apple, I stay with Apple up through the final conversion to DV-AVI Type II.


                                    For the FLV questions, I have not a clue. I know that Jim Simon (often on this board) works with it and has a list of utilities that he favors. Might want to do a Search for "FLV," and then filter on "Jim Simon." Bound to be some good suggestions there. Next, I'd pop over to the Encore Flash forum, and poke around. Try asking there, as Encore has Flash Export module. Might be some useful info there.


                                    Sorry that I cannot help more.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      It makes no difference whether you edit in CS3 or CS4. In either case you need to convert to an editable format, DV AVI type2 with 48 KHz 16 bit WAV for sound. No way around that. Bill tends to be be a bit more longwinded than I, who has rightly been accused of being terse, but we both hold the same opinion.


                                      Your current material with the codec in use is unsuitable for editing. Convert first, then start editing.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Good question. The answer would depend on a few things:


                                        1.) do you need any aspects that CS4 offers, that are missing from CS3

                                        2.) can you see any visual/quality differences when doing a quick "test" of this footage, between the two programs/methods


                                        I'm one of those folk, who just converts first, and then uses the NLE of my choice. However, I'd strongly suggest doing the test of both methods and Exporting the results for viewing and critique. The CS3 route might just be better. I think that I would actually take the footage, Exported from each, and do a side-by-side (read PiP half-screen) and then Burn that to a DVD RW for study on a big-screen TV. Obviously not as good a visual test as doing this on a calibrated crt monitor, but since both sources are on the same screen, you should be able to get a pretty good picture of which is better to your eyes, if there is a difference.


                                        One last thing might be to install the 4.1 update and give the footag another try in the updated CS4. Might work like CS3, who knows?


                                        Good luck, and please report which way you liked best. I'd be very interested in knowing the results of your tests.



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                                          MarkAbrams Level 1

                                          Hunt, Thank you again for the information.  Here are the attributes of my video input.  This Codec is the MJPG (exported out of Final Cut to reduce the file size for transport).




                                          Not being a video codec expert.  I am unclear why the default Windows video players and Premier Pro do not like this format for input.  You mentioned Divx but that was not my file in the posted Gspot. 


                                          Can you shed some light on this Codec?   I will try the QTPro but hate to pre-render and lose quality to use PPro.



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                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                            On Windows, you need to purchase either the MainConcept MJPEG codec or the Morgan MJPEG codec, both of which are known to work and are very inexpensive.  Or you can Google for an open-source MJPEG codec, which may or may not work (but *please* do not install any codec "packs"!).  Once a system-level MJPEG codec is installed on your system, Pr should play and edit your transported FCP files just fine.



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              Glad to hear that DivX is not in the ballpark - that is good.


                                              As for the MJPEG CODEC, Jeff Bellune gave two great sources for it, Morgan and MainConcept. Both get high marks, and with the exception of one user reporting on Morgan, seem to work perfectly with PrPro.


                                              Now for the CODEC "lesson." These are the mysterious little bits of code that allows a program to decompress, or a program to compress, Audio & Video. To play a file, which has been compressed with one, the user needs to have that particular CODEC installed on the system. Note that some players have their own versions, so the user can be fooled a bit. Next, just because one has the proper CODEC installed and the file(s) plays perfectly in say WMP, this does NOT mean that an NLE can use that CODEC. Some can, some cannot. PrPro is pretty strict. Other NLE's maybe not so much. Both of the two above seem to work perfectly with PrPro.


                                              I second Jeff's comment on CODEC packs. I am a firm believer in installing only the ones that I need and no more. I also look for the full-paid versions from the developers. Some of the free versions can be hacked, or reverse-engineered and may, or may not work. Some of these can also make a mess of one's good, already installed CODEC's. I pay more, but attempt to go to the source - the developers. So far, that philosophy has worked very well.


                                              Good luck,



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                                                MarkAbrams Level 1



                                                I appreciate the lesson.  Wanted to warn you about the Morgan site.  It triggered multiple threat warnings on AV shield.  I would want to try the M-Jpeg codec but would not engage any site of suspicion -  3 full days to rebuild and reconfigure my laptop the last time I installed rogue software.




                                                Morgan is a Chinese site and has two warnings Virus found in JS Downloader.Agent and Exploit MDAC ActiveX code. I’m running away form this site.




                                                I will call Adobe this AM and let you know what they have if any for recommendations on the M-JPEG Codec for P-Pro.



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                                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                  The site below is in the US.



                                                  • 23. Re: AVI in Premiere Pro 4.0.1
                                                    MarkAbrams Level 1

                                                    Thank you - Same screen - no virus warnings -

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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                      Hm-m, something is wrong. I'll check my URL against the one that Jim posted above. All I did was Copy/Paste right from the main page. I got not even one "bing" from StopZilla, when I opened the site to get the exact URL for you. Must have been OE on my part - maybe I had some Chinese porn site in Clipboard?




                                                      Good luck,



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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        The link in my previous post opened right up to the Morgan site, and the URL matches Jim's. As I still had the site open in another browser window, I looked and the link and Morgan are the same. Do not know what is happening. Just Copy/Paste Jim's full URL into your browser, and you should be good to go.



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                                                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                          Bill's link worked fine for me.  Went to the exact same site I posted.  If you got redirected to a virus laden Chinese site, Mark, you may have already caught one.

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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                            Thanks for testing that. You could well be correct on Mark's problem - redirection from some nasty. I was thinking maybe a browser issue, as I'm on IE7, and all seemed to be working fine for me. Don't know about those using FoxyFireBreather, or whatever it is - know it's something similar to that.




                                                            Turn off Windows Restore Points (temporarily), Re-boot into Safe Mode and do a complete sweep of your system with your AV software. Might also want to get a copy of Ad-Aware Search & Destroy and run that too.


                                                            Good luck,




                                                            PS gotta' watch out for those Chinese porn sites!

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                                                              MarkAbrams Level 1

                                                              Its possible the DNS was spoofed -  all the alarms went off on my AVG showed a .CN  domain suffix ...


                                                              I have had no problems since returning.

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                                                                MarkAbrams Level 1

                                                                Too funny

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                                                                  Hi, i'm also having an issue similar.

                                                                  I ran the GSpot thing on my file and got this.

                                                                  This came off a Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS

                                                                  The file is completely huge.

                                                                  I don't know much about the contents of the .avi. .

                                                                  When imported into premier pro cs4 it's as if there are only 5 frames of the video played and the audio works fine.

                                                                  Do i need to compress this file?


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                                                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                                    Read post # 16. Your solution is spelled out there.

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                                                                      MarkAbrams Level 1

                                                                      This solution worked for me:   My original file dropped frames in PPro and the audio did not track.


                                                                      Here is what I did.

                                                                      Gspot (File In)  Analysis

                                                                      Codec: MJPG   Codec Name: Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables  FPS: 23.976  Size: 1280 x 720  Audio: PCM Audio


                                                                      Adobe Media Encoder to convert to a usabel PPro format:


                                                                      File Out Settings  -> Export to Microsoft AVI  Video Codec: DV (24P Advanced)  (unchangable-->  720 x 480 FPS 29)


                                                                      I was then able to import the converted file into PPro and work with it.  I did not want to take the hit on file size but did not have other 3rd party tools for converting - nor did I want to spend my time searching and learning another software to find a work around.


                                                                      I would have liked to have been able to download a MJPG Codec and define it to PPro - this is the way it should be.


                                                                      Thanks to all on the forum for your support.