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    Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 - Cannot download content when using MS ISA Proxy 2006




      I have been trying to download various secure content using Adobe digital Editions 1.7 (files with a .acsm and .etd extensions) on a Windows XP Professional SP2 machine. We are accessing the internet via a MS ISA 2006 proxy server.


      The download works when connecting the machine directly to the internet bypassing the ISA Proxy. It does however not work when going through the proxy. The error that is produced is "Error getting license - Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO"

      Can you confirm if Adobe Digital 1.7 is supported over an MS ISA 2006 Proxy? If not, I suppose our only option is to configure the network machine to directly access the appropriate backend Adobe Servers and bypass the proxy for these addresses/ports?


      Please can you confirm which exact addresses/ports are required when the secure download process occurs.


      Many Thanks




      PS - We have tried to access this content using Adobe Reader 7.x and Adobe Reader 6 but unfortunately there is no longer support for these older clients when the machine needs to be activated.