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    PDF -> PDF/A Conversion: Converted documents are not PDF/A compiant

    Jan Vandezande





      I am using adobe LiveCycle 8.2 to convert PDF documents to PDF/A.


      I tried this in two ways.


      First I used the toPDFA method of the DocConverterService. In that case most of the pdf-documents could not be converted.


      In another case I used the toPS method of the ConvertPdfService to convert the file to PostScript and then the createPDF method of the DistillerService service to go from PostScript to PDF/A. When I open the converted files in Adobe Reader 9, I get the message "You are viewing this document in PDF/A mode", but when I check the document with the isPDFA method of the DocConverterService then in most cases the document is not PDF/A compliant. When I use toPDFA method on this document it can be made PDF/A compliant.


      What is the preferred way to convert PDF to PDF/A?

      When is a document PDF/A compliant? When Adobe Reader says it is, or when LiveCycle says it is? And if Adobe Reader is right, Is there a way to check compliance with LiveCycle?