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    Newbie with a really dumb question about setup

    chieffan Level 1

      Ok, I am a newbie to flex.


      1.  When I create a new Flex project it wants to set a default location of users/documents/myname/flex 3/


      Is this the correct place all my files should go?


      2.  Do I have to grab my files from the flex 3 folder and copy them all to my site to publish?  I am really confused on the part of testing files then moving to the server.  I know it shouldn't be this difficult.


      Thanks for any help.

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          BennyBeta Level 4

          1. You can put your projects (workspace) anywhere you want on your computer. To switch where they go select File -> Switch Workspace from the application menu.


          2. To move your files to a server you'll want to do a Release Build of your project/application.  To do this you'll select File -> Export -> Release Build from the application menu.  Then those files can be copied to your server.


          Let me know if that helps or if you have more questions.


          Ben Edwards

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            Michael Borbor Level 4

            That's ok during development time, but when you're done developing there's an option in fhe File menu- export - release build that generates your app, and put in one single folder all the files that you need to upload to your web site.