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    Fireworks to Illustrator Issue

    Cristi Marin

      I am trying to export a full vector graphic (only gradients, blend modes, opacity and strokes). When i export to AI8 file format, it reduces file customisation to the minimum.


      It converts the gradients to a solid fill

      The blend modes dissapear

      The opacity is up to 100%


      It just keeps the first colour of the gradient, the strokes and of course the actual verctor shapes.


      Could anyone tell me how to work around this ? I would only need gradients and opacity to convert properly, because i believe that AI doesn't even have blend modes. If somebody will suggest me to work in AI instead, i am much more familiar with FW and i have a better workfow with this app , just that some of my clients preffer AI and i have to export files for them. At the moment after i export it to AI, i go and edit the file once again to set the gradients and opacities as they were in FW.


      Thank you !


      PS: i have uploaded a sample exported to AI and also the native PNG source file.



      Edit: Part of the problem is resolved (i deselected the "Freehand Compatible option") and i now have Gradients (allthought the elipse gradient is straightened , instead of oblique) , but what about Opacity and Gradient Opacity?