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    Templates Disappeared


      I was using the trial version of Pro CS4. I bought and downloaded the full v and installed it today. Everything works great except:


      The template collection, which I expected to see expanded, has completely disappeared. The styles too, but I found a library in the Premiere Elements 3 directory that could be appended. The styles are easy to create but I'd like to have the title templates as a basic resource. Where are they?


      When I installed, I expanded the initial downloaded files to a temporary location on a large drive. Does this matter?


      At the moment, 4.0.1 update is downloading, but I don't suppose the templates are there.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Your supposition may be premature, otherwise contact TS.

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            randulo2009 Level 1

            What I ended up doing was to copy over the presets directory from the Mac trial version. I was skeptical, but it worked so that may be of inbterest to someone searching for this info.


            ps, for the moment the promised "you will get an email with instructions on how to contact support" hasn't come yet.

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              randulo2009 Level 1

              Copied the resource over from a trial version; Whatever works.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I honestly do not know if the Functional Content in the full version is different than with the trial. May be, but it may not be. To get whatever the full version offers, I'd reinsert the installation DVD and do a Repair Installation. That will survey your system and will update, replace, correct, etc. any installation issues.


                Good luck,




                PS, when you removed the trial version, you did run the Adobe CleanScript, BEFORE installing the full version, right?

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                  randulo2009 Level 1

                  Thanks for chiming in.


                  No DVD. This is a download version from Adobe.

                  Since the trial asked for a serial number every time it ran, I assumed when I got one, it would turn the trial into a working full version. I even downloaded the audio transcription modules in two languages and they work.As I said before, I also received a 100 meg update today.


                  In a perfect world, I probably should have uninstalled everything and reinstalled it all, but like any child, I was in a hurry


                  Let me say too, that I am very pleasantly surprised by how well PPro CS4 works. I inherited a project with P2 card files on a Mac formatted drive. I copied these to both Mac and Windows formats and Pro CS4 imports and deals with them beautifully IMO. My previous experience with early Elements versions was ok, but not great. Elements is of course, entry-level software. This is an improvement nicely proportional to the price. The product runs well on my old XP Pro machine with 3gigs RAM and a SATA 750g 7200 RPM drive. Now I can only hope the rest of the machine holds up long enough to amortize my memory, drive and software investments.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    OK, very often with downloaded versions there often more than one file. Some of these have names that are almost identical. One will be the actual program(s) installation files and the other will be the Functional Content. Now, with Encore and PrPro being bundled, you'd probably get the Menus, etc. for Encore and the Titles, etc. for PrPro. You should have a link to the download page. It will have been customized for you. If you do not, you should be able to get that link from Adobe. I'd have my S/N, my invoice #, everything, handy.


                    If you DO get the link, be sure to get both files. One should be the one that you already have, but the other should be slightly different. These are usually archived files, so one has to Extract the file with full folder structure - you cannot install anything from the archived file. Once completely Exracted to the HDD, there should be an executable, with a name like "SetUp." On Mac, you'll probably not see an extension, like .exe, or .com. This should install all Functional Content for both programs.


                    Unfortunately, in the ~ 25 years that I have owned Adobe products, I have never purchased a download version of anything and have also never had a trial version of anything. What I've commented on is from others' experiences only. Still, it seems to hold for many versions of most Adobe software.


                    Good luck, and glad that you like PrPro. I came to it years ago from Pinnacle and have never looked back - not even once. Recently, I picked up PE4 to handle some consumer formats better than PrPro does. I'm so glad that I have PrPro, because using PE4 would have been a hassle for me. I just like PrPro better than any other NLE that I've used.



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                      randulo2009 Level 1

                      Just to set the record straight...


                      ProCS4 download is 2+ gigs. There is an additional 1.2g download which I think was Encore, which I haven't even looked at yet. Then there are the optional language transcription modules, about 500 megs for English, 350 megs French. In passing, the transcription modules are fine since they are free. They don't do a great job on real world material from video interviews, but the price is right. I made up a special WAV of about one minute of me talking normally and it wasn't too bad. I imagine this transcription would be great for an instructional video which needs to be really clear and unambiguous language. But this is thread drift.


                      To reiterate (I believe this kind of thing to be useful for people searching) I must have installed in a bad order and somehow this stripped some of the styles content when I finally finished. That content was easy to recover from the trial version on another machine. I know that if I have other problems I can strip it all away and reinstall the versions I purchased, so I'm not too worried. I also will probably need to uninstall Premiere Elements 3, but I'm waiting for a more opportune moment. If entering a serial number in the trial version isn't the way it should be done, why does that option come up at all?



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        If entering a serial number in the trial version isn't the way it should be done, why does that option come up at all?


                        Unfortunately, only Adobe can answer this. I've seen similar comments regarding trial to full versions of several Adobe programs. As stated, I've never had any Adobe trial software, nor have I ever done anything via download. What I've offered is all 2nd & 3rd hand, basically from the various Adobe fora.


                        As of CS3, there were some major issues when going from the trial to the full. Adobe even did their CS3 CleanScript to help with this problem and did several KB articles on it. Do not know about CS4.


                        Now, you comment on PE3. One question - was it installed before, or after, you installed and upgraded CS4? Reason that I asked is that with CS2, if one installed PE4, things got badly broken. One had to go back and do a complete Repair Install of all things CS2. This was a known issue. Again, Adobe did some KB's on it, so the fix was posted. Adobe just never thought that anyone running the CS2 suite, might later install PE4. Well, I did, and apparently so did many more, hence the KB's. Do not know how version-specific these problems were. They were only listed for CS2 and PE4. Still, some parts of this issue could exist with CS4 and PE3. If you had PE3 installed already, you should have no issues with these coexisting. With that Repair Install, PE4 and CS2 play nicely together with no issues that I have seen. Just throwing this out as something to consider. Seemed totally dependent on the order of installation.


                        Thanks for sharing the info on the Functional Content. There again, the exact contents of the download files is conjecture and interpolation on my part, as I've never done it - only read articles by folk who have. Your observations may well help someone else. In your case, it's fortunate that you did have access to another installation. Obviously, that would be an issue for many others.


                        When you get a second, please do a rough list of what is included in the Functional Content for PrPro CS4. Based on the CS2 Suite, there was a good deal of overlap in Content, between PrPro & En, because PrPro2 had a rudimentary DVD authoring module. This has been completely replaced by Encore, now bundled. I would anticipate that most of the Content in PrPro now would be Titles and Styles for Titles, as all DVD Menus, etc. would be in Encore. I could be very wrong however and hope that you can clear this up for me and for others.


                        Good luck,