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    PHP Code & PDF Forms




      First if this has been answered already I'm sorry as I have not yet located this answer to these questions (or they are half answered)


      1)  Can I build a PDF form that on submit it will upload to a server (the entire pdf file) using PHP code?  If so please tell me the best way to accomplish this as I want any user to fill out the pdf and then submit to a specific location of a folder on my site.


      2) I know that Adobe Reader v. 6 will not allow people to submit electronically - but am I correct that version 7 to the lastest will allow them to submit the form (via email or FTP if possible)?  I keep finding yes/no. I am aware of Adobe Reader Usage Rights that has to be assigned.


      Thanks in Advance



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          BrittanyAKav Level 1

          If its not possible please let me know as I am researching this

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            Patrick Leckey Level 3

            The answer to question 1 is yes, assuming the form is Reader Extended by a LiveCycle Reader Extensions Server (the Extended Usage Rights in Acrobat are not sufficient).


            The answer to 2 is yes and no.  By e-mail, as long as the user has a client configured through MAPI (such as Outlook on Windows) you can automate the attaching to an e-mail (but not sending - the user still needs to click send).  If the user uses a web client like GMail, then no, that can't be automated.  And Acrobat does not have built-in FTP functionality.