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    memory management


      I hope this is an easy one.  I want to know about maintenance of memory on Arrays and/or ArrayCollections.  In my case, I am creating an array of pie series (for a pie chart).  I assign that array to the chart via action script (chart.series = some_array).  I allocated that array (some_array) with the 'new' statement.  During the course of my application execution, I want to replace the chart's series with a new array of series objects (chart.series = some_new_array).  What happens to the memory that was allocated for the original array?  How do I delete/remove the memory allocated to that no-longer-needed array?


      BTW: I am using multiple series objects because my part chart is multi layered (an opsclock).  But this question, I think, should apply to any case of wanting to remove allocated memory that is no longer needed.