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    Licensing for this product has stopped working !

    idar lettrem Level 1

      I have two perfectly valid installations of

      a) ppro cs3 and

      b) AE cs4


      But yesterday this annoying message started to appear and I "lost" my PPro cs3 .

      Yes - I did reinstall ( no problems) and yes - I did run msconfig and disabled all non_microsoft processes( DLA processes included if any).


      I'm running a xp based system, 4gigs ram and otherwise properly config'd system. I would not suspect my c++ lib's to be corrupted - why should they?

      I see no reason why my recently updated prospect hd should interfere . But could a recent upgrade to SP3 have some impact ?

      Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be very welcome.

      And ouch - I should mention that my AE CS4 woks fine ( thats why  my assumption on fine c++ libs stands)

      Maybe I also should mention that I ran the wincs3clean_script