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      I have a webservice mxml tag below:


      <mx:WebService id="ws" wsdl="http://URL/?WSDL">
          <mx:operation name="InsertData">




      I was wondering that is any posibility to declare and manipulate this

      webservice in AS class. point me some,please....


      Any comment will be appreciated.


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          BennyBeta Level 4

          The ActionScript class is: mx.rpc.soap.WebService

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            oldMster Level 3

            Sure, anything that can be done with an <mx: tag can be done in AS.





                 private var ws:WebService = new WebService();

                 //note that when defining with AS, the variable name assigned works like the id='ws'




                private function initWS():void {

                      ws.wsdl = "http://URL/?WSDL";

                      //set rest of properties

                      //I think ws.getOperation("InsertData");




                      //but i don't use WebServices, so someone else may have better advice on this part.