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    Increase memory in FW CS3?

    bobtem Level 1

      The user guide says you can set memory in the gen prefs dialog, but I get nothing?!




      Why do I need to increase memory, you ask? Because I get an "Out of Memory" error when I try to export a file to Photoshop format. Granted the file has a lot of stuff going on, but jeez I'm running 4G of memory on a new iMac 24" and I haven't seen "out of memory" issues since at least my G3!?!?

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          no nicknames left Level 1

          I get this sometimes with large ish files or files with very large text areas or very complex vectors. None of which fireworks handles well. I have 4BG ram on a fast PC. TIP Don't upgrade to CS4 as it will get worse. Fieworks has had a memeory leak for many versions...particularly on PC. Adobe choose to ignore it. There is no "purge memory" in FW as there is in PShop. Save your file 'if you can' and close fireworks. When you reopen fireworks it will work better.