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    Quality Drop In Premier Pro 2.0 Ouput

    dmsapadin Level 1

      I work with large projects. I invariable capture 3 or 4 video sources (from Mini DV) and end up synching them and using Multi-Cam. Which means I drag the first sequence which is where I synch the cameras, into a new sequence where I do the camera switching. Then I will drag that sequence into a new one where I will add titles, etc. Everytime I nest, I have render the new sequence. Am I losing video quality every time I do this?


      Sometimes I will end up outputing to AVI and then using that file in a new project to switch in even more cameras, or to add the avi ono the tail end of another avi created in a separate project.


      I have found it necessary to go through all this because if the projects get to big, Premier will sometimes crash.


      I am using a Quad 2.66 Intel with 4 GB Ram and WinXP.  I can boot either into XP or Vista...buts its my understanding that Premier CS4 will not actually utilize the extra memory Vista will access. I have room for another 12 gb RAM, but am reluctant to upgrade Premier from CS2 to CS4 if it won't use the extra memory.


      Also, I output to DVD (and do my transcoding) in Encore DVD. Even when I pick the highest bit rates, 2 hour programs don't fill up a DL Disk, and 1 hour programs come out to only 3.4 GB instead of the target 4.7.  And that is with setting it on the highest bit rate. Obviously I am losing quality in here somewhere, but not sure how to fix it.


      Any help appreciated.