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    Error: Internal error. Developer Details: tNG_fields.getFakeRecordset

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      Internal error.
      SQL error: Error creating temporary table:
      You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'From TEXT, To TEXT, Did_you_graduate_ TEXT, Degree TEXT, College TEXT, College_A' at line 1
      CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE KT_fakeRS_20090528 (Last_Name TEXT, First_Name TEXT, M_I_ TEXT, Date TEXT, Street_Address TEXT, Apartment___Unit__ TEXT, City TEXT, State TEXT, Zip TEXT, Phone TEXT, Email_Address TEXT, Date_Available TEXT, Social_Security_Number TEXT, Desired_Salary TEXT, Position_Applied_for TEXT, Are_you_a_citizen_of_the_United_States_ TEXT, If_no__are_you_authorized_to_work_in_the_U_S__ TEXT, Have_you_ever_worked_for_this_company_ TEXT, If_so__when_ TEXT, Have_you_ever_been_convicted_of_a_felony_ TEXT, If_yes__explain TEXT, High_School TEXT, Address TEXT, From TEXT, To TEXT, Did_you_graduate_ TEXT, Degree TEXT, College TEXT, College_Address TEXT, College_From TEXT, College_To TEXT, College_Did_you_graduate_ TEXT, College_Degree TEXT, Other TEXT, OtherAddress TEXT, Other_From TEXT, Other_To TEXT, OtherDid_you_graduate_ TEXT, Other_Degree TEXT, ReferenceOne_Full_Name TEXT, ReferenceOne_Relationship TEXT, ReferenceOne_Company TEXT, ReferenceOne_Phone TEXT, ReferenceOne_Address TEXT, ReferenceTwo_Full_Name TEXT, ReferenceTwo_Relationship TEXT, ReferenceTwo_Company TEXT, ReferenceTwo_Phone TEXT, ReferenceTwo_Address TEXT, ReferenceThree_Full_Name TEXT, ReferenceThree_Relationship TEXT, ReferenceThree_Company TEXT, ReferenceThree_Phone TEXT, ReferenceThree_Address TEXT, JobOne_Company TEXT, JobOne_Phone TEXT, JobOne_Address TEXT, JobOne_Supervisor TEXT, JobOne_Job_Title TEXT, JobOne_Starting_Salary TEXT, JobOne_Ending_Salary TEXT, JobOne_Responsibilities TEXT, JobOne_From TEXT, JobOne_To TEXT, JobOne_Reason_for_Leaving TEXT, JobOne_MayContact TEXT, JobTwo_Company TEXT, JobTwo_Phone TEXT, JobTwo_Address TEXT, JobTwo_Supervisor TEXT, JobTwo_Title TEXT, JobTwo_Starting_Salary TEXT, JobTwo_Ending_Salary TEXT, JobTwo_Responsibilities TEXT, JobTwo_From TEXT, JobTwo_To TEXT, JobTwo_Reason_for_Leaving TEXT, JobTwo_mayWeContact TEXT, JobThree_Comapny TEXT, JobThree_Phone TEXT, JobThree_Address TEXT, JobThree_Supervisor TEXT, JobThree_Job_Title TEXT, JobThree_Starting_Salary TEXT, JobThree_Ending_Salary TEXT, JobThree_Responsibilities TEXT, JobThree_From TEXT, JobThree_To TEXT, JobThree_Reason_for_Leaving TEXT, JobThree_MayweContact TEXT, Branch TEXT, Military_Rank_at_Discharge TEXT, Military_Type_of_Discharge TEXT, Military_Other TEXT) (FIELDS_FAKE_RS_ERROR)
      • tNG_custom.executeTransaction
        • STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      • tNG_custom.getRecordset
      • tNG_custom.getLocalRecordset
      • tNG_custom.getFakeRecordset*


      The PHP file is attached as a rtf file.


      Any idea, help?


      Thanks a lot guys!