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    How can I export to 1920x1080 Progressive at 25fps - in MPEG2 (.m2v format) from After effects?

    Quirky Quintus

      Hello all,


      As the title suggests, I have been unable to export in the above-mentioned format.


      Through the Mainconcept export (using the "MPEG2 Blu-Ray" export settings), I can only get interlaced export settings, using 25fps. It is only through the NTSC settings that I can get Progressive frames - but not 25fps...


      Is there no way to override the settings manually? The final output is for hard-drive playback - not for Bluray encodings... Is there maybe a plugin that will do that?


      The full specs I need follow:


      1920x1080 pixels

      Pixel ratio 1

      25 fps

      Progressive output...

      .m2v file


      Quite simple, no? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


      PS> we are using both MACs(10.5) and PCs (XP) and After Effects CS4.