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    Single Sign On with CF 8 Enterprise and ASP.NET

    jsm Level 1

      We already have a Asp.Net Single Sign On web application for our Asp.Net applications and would like to use as much as possible for our CF 8 Enterprise applications.   I believe the Asp.Net SSO is using Forms Authenticaton?


      Of course, I'm a CF guy and not a Asp.Net guy.   I can see the .AspxAuth cookie that is being set.  But not sure if that does me any good.


      Anyone have any ideas?




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          mack_ Level 3

          When you login in your Asp.net app you can set a cookie (encrypted)

          that signals to the CF app that the client is authenticated (for

          example encrypt the user email and save that into a cookie). On your

          CF app check on every request if the cookie exists (if not redirect to

          the Asp.net app login page), decrypt it (redirect to asp.net login

          page on failure), and consider the user authenticated for that