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    Button overlap problem

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a set of navigation buttons that go to frames and open different .swfs


      The Commercial button and Music Video button are two movieclips with buttons inside


      Commercial clip has 5 buttons that stretch out 600 pxls across


      Music Video button has 2 buttons that stretch about 150 pxls across



      mouseover Commercial and you will see the secondary buttons appear within the mc (disregard links)


      if I mouseover Music Video that button clip opens right on top of the Commercail button


      only difference between these two buttons are:


      Commercial has on rollover in hit state of commercial text


      on rollout in an invisible button on top of background length




      Music Video has on rollover in hit state of Music Video text


      on rollout in an invisible button across entire stage (this was the original way I had both)


      I need to know the best way to have both of these mc/ buttons co exist side by side without interfering with the other.


      Eventually all the navigation will have the same mc / buttons as all will link to specific swfs.


      .fla is in the attached



      You guys are gods and your help is so important and so appreciated as I try to find actionscript to use here but it seems no two tasks are the same.


      any help?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to find some other way of presenting your case.  Your attachments are lost somewhere and your description is not clear (to me).

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            mentlity Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time, heres what I need to do.


            I have two movieclips (acting as buttons)

            1 has  5 buttons inside (visible on rollover state)


            rollover state opens mc from 150 to 600 pxls wide (its a horizontal menu)


            2nd clip is built the same way but only has 2 buttons inside


            both clips sit side by side - used for navigation




            when you rollover the first clip it opens fine


            when you rollout I used an invisible btn that is on top of the over state seems to work OK


            when you rollover the second clip it opens fine


            when you rollout I used an invisible btn that is the size of the stage seems to work OK




            when clip one is open if I roll the mouse over clip two clip one remains open and the both clips are on top of each other.


            the fla in the attched has the parts inside.


            thx again

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              mentlity Level 1

              I seemed to have figured a way to do this, I ripped the buttons apart and did the following, made new buttons. Where btn hit state is only the text and it loads the actual movieclip.


              commercial_btn.onRollOver = function(){


              documentary_btn.onRollOver = function(){


              mvideo_btn.onRollOver = function(){


              this works as you mouseover each button the new clip appears unloading the previous.


              Now this causes another problem:


              the last clip that was rolled over remains visible, I cannot have that. I need the last clip to unload without using a rollOut.


              Reason I cannot use a simple OnRollOut for these mc's is the hitstates of the mc buttons are the length of the text  in the button only I cannot make the hit state the size of the whole clip underneath as it will only cause the overlapping problem again, follow?



              only thing I can think of is


              Can  I do the following in each btn


              if the mouse _x _y is anywhere outside of the movieclip it unloads it ?


              Could I do for each and so when you go outside of each clip it unloads?


              sorry for the confusion I hope I'm clear.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here's the neat thing about solving problems in actionscript and Flash design... if you have an idea of how to solve something, you can try it.  I'm not being sarcastic in saying that... it's often how I end up with a working solution... it may not be the leanest or sleakest approach, but if it works, it's not gonna make a difference to the viewer.


                What you described may be feasible, so you'll need to continuously monitor the mouse position relative to the limits you set for each one.


                It's possible there would be a simpler solution going the old way you had it, or with what you have now, but without seeing it, I can't tell.  But like I said, if you think of a possible solution, try it.  They will usually become leaner as you go thru the trial and error phase.

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                  mentlity Level 1

                  Trying to figure out the correct AS 2.0  to remove  a Movieclip  that is on the stage. The clip was put on the stage using


                  I need to remove the clip when the mouse goes outside of the movieclip boundry's x and y coordinates  I need it to
                  activate removeMovieClip


                  any help?


                  this should solve my whole problem .


                  A bit tricky for me, any help?

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you look at the removeMovieClip method in the help docs, there is an example there which includes attaching and removing a movieclip.  In my own experience, it can be confusing to get the targeting correct, so it may take some trial and error.  BAsed on what I think I'm seeing in that example...


                    var attachedMovie = this.attachMovie(...etc...);



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                      mentlity Level 1

                      First of all the correct terms in Flash that I need to do is "Object removal relative to mouse position" and "Set Property" I was looking for more info and found a tutorial for "Object Movement Relative To Mouse Position"  but the concept is different . In the attached file is a simplified version of what I need to do.


                      Two buttons with On RollOver "attachMovie"

                      (when you roll over one the only way to remove is roll over the other)


                      NOW , if you look at the .fla you will see that I cannot use a rollOut on any of these buttons because the hit state of the button only covers the text area of it. I need a solution to remove which ever clip was rolled over last. After hours of searching I can only come up with one solution, use RemoveMovieClip.


                      My goal here is to be able to always have the navigation buttons visible and only have 1 movieclip visible when you roll over a button.


                      If I took the properties of each mc, lets say mc1 is _x 600 _y 50 and mc2 is _x250 _y 50


                      then I need to tell Flash that, if you roll the mouse OUTSIDE the mc properties activate RemoveMovieClip .


                      I tried putting together the code but I do not know enough about AS to get it right. I know I should be using the if statement correct?


                      hereis the code I used to add the btns / mcs to the stage


                      load_btn1.onRollOver = function(){


                      load_btn2.onRollOver = function(){


                      now I just need the code to remove each AFTER they are rolled on.


                      Any help here?

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                        mentlity Level 1

                        Still stuck here, I did manage to get the correct terms for what I need to achieve.

                        "Object Removing Relative To Mouse Position" and "Set Property"


                        Simple .fla is in the attached to see exactly what I mean as I just need someone to show me the correct actionscript for this.


                        What I need to do,


                        Remove last rolled over clip from stage using RemoveMovieClip


                        The concept here is there are two menus (1 in each clip)

                        you can select any button in both menus


                        I originally had an overlap problem but corrected by using attachMovie on both buttons so the other button automatically is removed once you rollover another


                        but now the last clip rolled over always remains on the stage, I do not want this


                        I want each clip to disappear once you rollaway from it.


                        Only way I see is to do by mouse position


                        activated when you roll OUTSIDE the last rolled over mc's boundries so I need to tell Flash


                        in each button


                        if mc (relative to button) is playing

                        use RemoveMovieClip


                        mouse rolls outside of mc's boundries.


                        Something like this inside actions layer of each mc?


                        if (_root._xmouse>=200) {
                        _level0.commddnav_mc._x = (_level0.commddnav_mc_x???);
                        _level0.commddnav_mc._y = (_level0.commddnav_mc_y???);

                        } else {




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                          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          As I already mentioned, if you want to use removeMovieClip based on the mouse position, you will need to continuously monitor the position of the mouse while the movie is present.


                          You can probably use onEnterFrame monitoring to accomplish that, or even a movieclip that contstantly moves between frames to check the positions.  Since this checking would be relative to the movieclip, it is may be easiest to incorprate it into the movieclip.  If the x and y values of the mouse exceed x and y values for a given clip, you trigger the removeMovieClip call.  So within the movieclip, something like the following is what you might try...


                          this.onEnterFrame = function(){

                               if((_root._xmouse < this._x || _root._xmouse > this._y+this._width) && (_root._ymouse < this._y || _root._ymouse > this._y+this._height){






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                            mentlity Level 1

                            Ah!!!! Now I see !!


                            you are absolutely correct, this is what I want to do .


                            this.onEnterFrame = function(){

                                  if((_root._xmouse < this._x -159.9 root.xmouse > this._y

                            +this._width) && (_root._ymouse < this._y -110.9 root.ymouse > 









                              I added the code and set the mc x properties but I get an 

                            actionscript error


                            frame 1 line 2        ')' expected



                            where do I put the )   ???

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                              mentlity Level 1

                              Sorry but I see that the "||' statements are Bitwise operators so I 

                              removed the actual x and y coordinates from the code so it now looks 

                              like this


                              this.onEnterFrame = function(){

                                    if((_root._xmouse < this._x || root.xmouse > this._y

                              +this._width) && (_root._ymouse < this._y || root.ymouse > this._y









                              but I still get an actionscript error


                              Line 2      ')' expected


                              sorry for the confusion

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                                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                My code had a couple of errors in it, one of which the error message is telling you about.  There's a parenthesis missing at the end of that conditional line, and in the first conditional it should have had this._x rather than this._y



                                if((_root._xmouse < this._x || _root._xmouse > this._x+this._width) && (_root._ymouse < this._y || _root._ymouse > this._y+this._height)){

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                                  mentlity Level 1

                                  First of all thanks for taking the time to give me the code, the bad news for me is now with the code inside the movieclip the movieclip never appears. I would think that is because the mouse is outside the boundry of the clip and has to be to activate the button on top which is supposed to activate the attachMovie command on rollOver.


                                  In the attached is the fla with the code.


                                  So I go from one problem to another.


                                  Now what?