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    Pb with player_black.swf integration


      Hi all,


      I've one archive project, and i use the slideshow genereated by FireWorks.


      But my problem is I've 2 distinct directory with slideshow :



      + directory with my pictures

      + player_black.swf

      + slideshow.xml





      + directory with my pictures

      + player_black.swf

      + slideshow.xml


      And i want load the player_black in a div with an variable index.php?nav=archive&section=directory_01.


      But if the player is loaded, not the xml in his directory (the player_black.swf is empty). That work with direct url or if the xml is in root folder of my site.


      I try to alocate an player_black.swf?xml_path= and player_black.swf?path= for located my xml, but that doesn't work. Idealy is if player_black.swf can be load with an param for located xml requierd by my variable.


      Someone can help me ?


      Thanks by advance.