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    compc build fails when targeting FP10 and referencing AIR classes?



      I have a project that is targeted for the AIR runtime. For example in my classes I reference the URLRequestMethod.HEAD constant.


      If I use compc and include the following libraries under the SDK (3.2 or 3.3) things compile A-OK





      If the only thing I change is reference the FP10 swc instead of the player 9 swcs, I get these compile errors





      AIRUrlStreamClient.as(29): col: 34 Error: Access of possibly undefine
      d property HEAD through a reference with static type Class.


                              req.method = URLRequestMethod.HEAD;


      What is the difference between the playerglobal.swc files that would cause such an error between the player 9 or player 10 swc files?