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    Creating a form with dynamic components


      I am rather new to LiveCycle, however I have made a few forms and distributed/collected them.  I would like to build a form where the user can fill in the fields and the info will be transposed to a different area of the form where the user can copy and paste it.


      Example:  Form has the following feilds: First Name:, Last Name:, Address:, City:, State:, Zip:,


      In another section of the form, these filled in fields would be displayed in full form as: Ex.


      John Doe

      124th St

      New york, NY, 55555


      Whereas the user could then copy and paste this info into another document.  Is this functionality possible with LiveCycle?


      Thank You in advance for any help with this matter.

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          pguerett Level 6

          If the fields are displayed as fields (one for one mapping) then changing the binding to global and ensuring that the fieldnames are the same will ensure that the values are kept in sync. If the second occurance is a single field made up of a number of other fields then you will have to populate the second field by script. On the calculate event of the second field you woudl use something like this:


          this.rawValue = FirstName.rawValue + LastName.rawValue + "\n" + Address.rawValue + "\n" + City.rawValue + ", " + State.rawValue + "\n" + Zip.rawValue


          The \n is a newline character in javascript. This will force the line feed in the final multiline field.