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    How to Keep Images Left Aligned and Set Their Background Color


      I use the "Add Framemaker File" feature of RH and I ran into the following problems:
      In order for graphics to come in from FM, they need to be in an anchored frame. Since all my content in FM leaves an empy area of 65pt on the left side of each paragraph (for text to be easier to read), I create my anchored frames to be right-aligned, and with a fixed width (such that the left side lines up w/ the rest of the paragraphs) then I have the object inside the frame be flush to the left, so now it looks perfectly aligned with the left side of all text. The problem is that when this content exports to HTML, the frame wants to right-align and for images that don't fit the entire width of the frame, they now show off to the right.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to insert images in FM that leave a fixed space on their left but when exported in HTML are left-aligned?

      Also, in my HTML project the background of text is not white. That's not an issue in PDF or FM output, but when exported to HTML, the extra space of frame shows as white over an off-white background that looks really bad. Any ideas how to avoid that? Is there a particular style element that I can edit tha affects those issues of imported pictures of the HTML content?


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.