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    PP Install fails for CS4 and CS3




      I've been trying to install my licensed copy of CS3 on a machine that had 6.5 installed and ran fine.  After two days with no success, I decided I'd download CS4 and see if it installed.  No such luck.  The behavior is the same for both CS3 and CS4.  Setup begins in CS3 and goes through the extraction of the files, when the splash screen appears for initializing setup, it flashes briefly then goes disappears and exits.  In CS4, the "checking system profile" gets about 85% complete, then the initalizing setup splash screen appears for a moment and disappears  The checking system profile remains on the screen and the process is hung.


      Machine is a 3.4 Ghz Dell with 2GB RAM, SATAII hard drive with plenty of space, video is Intel integrated. XP professional service pack 3.


      Here's what I've tried:


      1) Cleaned up and removed every Adobe application on the machine, then run the CS3Cleaner at levels 1,2,3,4.

      2) Used ccleaner to remove and repair all registry related issues.

      3) Used msconfig to disable all startup commands.

      4) Updated to the latest Intel Graphics Accelerator/driver and latest chip drivers for the video.

      5) Removed most applications.


      Still seems like a conflict to me, but I can't think of anything short of reinstalling XP.  I'm at wit's end and refuse to reinstall XP from scratch just to figure out something that should be apparent to me from the installation.  The windows event log gives the message that the software was successfully installed and the add/remove programs has an entry for CS3.  When I click remove, I get a prompt for debugging in Visual Studio.


      I've rebooted, cleaned, retried about 40 times.  No, I'm not exaggerating.


      HELP! and TIA!