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    Dissolves made in Premiere CS4 lost in "bridge" to After Effects

    rowby Level 1

      I have a number of video dissolves in my Premiere CS4 video.  I click on (forget the exact command since I am not in front of my After Effects computer) "replace with After Effects composition"



      In after effects I see the dissolves are gone.


      What is the best work flow to ensure the dissolves are retained.


      Note:  This is HDV footage.


      Here is one thing I tried to do unsuccessfully:


      When the replace with After Effects composition lost the dissolves, I tried just exporting the video.  I tried doing a quicktime export, but Premiere did not allow me to do a high quality HDV export.  The video was pixilated,etc.  (In After Effects I could choose Quicktime / Animation /Millions of colors" but I don't see that exact option (millions of colors or millions of colors PLUS) in the Premiere export dialogue.


      I see two AVI export options.  Windows AVI and Uncompressed AVI -- would that be a better choice than quicktime?



      I have a windows pc.

      Thanks for any suggestions!






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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Most Premiere transitions don't import into AE. They are created with an entirely different process than used in AE. AE is usually used to work on shots not to do editing. I hope this helps.

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            Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee



            It's a bit confusing, but it's there. If in the Adobe Media Encoder dialog you get in Premiere Pro, you pick Quicktime as the Format, Animation as the codec and then set codec settings to "32 bit", it will render RGB+Alpha. Even if it doesn't state that clearly.


            If you have Premiere Pro and After Effects as part of Production Premium, you can just drag the Premiere Pro sequence from PPro's project panel to AE's project panel, and this will show as a clip/layer in AE which is dynamically linked to the Premiere Pro sequence - any changes you perform in PPro are updated automatically in AE. No need to export a video file at all. But again, this doesn't work if you got PPro and AE as individual products.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I think it's a simple workflow problem. DynamicLink is one option, simply importing the Premiere project into AE would be another. This way, a minimum of Dissolves and Wipes can be retained (Dissolve, Dip to Color, Linear Wipe), but only if you use the Adobe versions. If you use optimized routines, e.g. associated with a specific video capture card, then they won't come over. The limitation with the Replace with AE comp method is, that it only treats your snippets as a "dumb" footage container, so generally it is not the best way to work. It's realyl more meant for rough cuts sans transitions and title creation...