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    Getting Started


      I am trying to transfer video from a sdhc card.  I am following the quick reference card steps.  I see a family on a beach.  I have 3 choices: instant movie, open project, new project.  I click on open project, then a small window opens that says open.  Then a box that says open project, look in.  From there, I can find the info but it does not open...nothing happens.  Is this the right way or am I missing something?  Thx 

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will want to choose New Project. Give it a name, and locate it where you wish on your system. Next, you'll want to choose a Preset. This choice will depend on your media. If, for instance, you shot in NTSC DV 4:3, you will choose that Preset. Now, hit OK.


          You will have an empty Project at this time, but if you look to the upper right (default Workspace) you'll see three tabs. Get Media is the one that you want. Depending on where the images are located on your system (I think that you'll have to first transfer them from your card to your HDD, but could be wrong on this), choose Files & Folders and navigate to where you copied your AV files to. This will get them into the Project tab (Panel), where you can then move them to your Timeline.


          I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of Steve Grisetti's PE7 book. See it at this LINK. He covers every aspect of PE7. This book is a must-have/must-read.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            What model of camera is this?


            Video from memory cards can give Premiere Elements all kinds of fits!


            If we know what kind of video the camera is producing, however, we can recommend some conversion methods.